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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Destination Wedding Photography : Ireland Wedding Photography

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Kim and Nathan love each other!

They wanted to prove that to each other and the world by getting married in the dead of winter in Ireland in an old castle with absolutely no heat!!! Mission accomplished. And while it was freezing, it was also AMAZING! We landed in Ireland with our good friend Julie Hill of Elysium Productions and all of Ireland was cover in snow… literally the entire island! The snow eventually melted, solely from the burning hot love of Kim and Nathan ;) and we ended up having such a mind numbing good time… or maybe we were just numb from the cold ;) Here are a few of my favs from their day…

oh yeah, Kim wore a red wedding dress which was FANTASTIC!!! Way to go Kim ;)

You can view their killer wedding video by Elysuim here: CLICK ME!!!!!

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Howard George said...

WOW, Travis, these are INCREDIBLE!!!


kim & nathan said...

Well I could be partially biased, but I think these photos are the best you've ever taken!! You did an incredible job with THE most important part of a wedding... Capturing the memories forever. You gave us exactly what we were looking for, not your typical traditional wedding photos. Thank you Travis!!!!

Emily Heizer Photography said...

OMG, you have got to be kidding me. I stop checking your blog for awhile and I come back here and you're working with people like Elysium. You're killing me. UGH! I'm turning green over here with the jealousy! Fantastic! I've got my fingers crossed, I'm THISCLOSE to booking my first international wedding- Toronto. It's not Ireland but it's a start!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful location and beautiful pictures, bet it was an awesome location to shoot....breathtaking!!!!

wedding photography Sydney said...

Love the fuchsia motif. The bridal gown is fabulous. Both bride and groom are gorgeous. The old ruin background is one of a kind. Just love everything here. :)

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