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Friday, December 19, 2008

Mandy's Bridal Shoot

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Joseph and Mandy are two of the freak'n radtasticnessful people you will ever meet. Joseph was my best man. I was blessed to be a groomsman in Joseph's wedding. His brother was his best man, but I'm slowly forgiving Joseph for that ;) Being that I was in the wedding I couldn't be their photographer, but another Hoehne aka The Man, that would be my cousin Trever Hoehne, stepped up to the plate and knocked their wedding out of the park. The day was, well just about how every wedding day is, fun/crazy/awesome/crazy/ great/crazy. We had a blast hanging out running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Everything slowed down eventually and during the ceremony, Joseph being the prolific song writer that he is, sang this amazing song that he wrote to Mandy, his bride. Tears, there were lots of tears... not out of my eyes of course, okay, maybe one or two, but it was perfection! You will all get a chance to hear this song as it will be the theme song for my website as soon as it gets mixed for Joseph's upcoming CD (shameless plug). So anyways, Mandy, Joseph and I got together in San Diego a few months later and did a little bridal session. I freaking love how it turned out!!! ENJOY...


Me likey this one

Joseph is always wearing my clothes. He's got my shirt, vest, shoes and even my underwear on ;)

This guy grunted at me as he walked by... Mandy's face is priceless!

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