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Monday, September 01, 2008

iPhone Post #1

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So I got the new iPhone when it came out a few months ago and I'm loving it. One of my favorite features is the camera. So I have decided to do a regular iPhone post which will consist of random shots of my family, adventures I find myself on, and other funness that you all will enjoy. This first post does get a little, umm... explicit if you will. It's really just my 2 year old making out with his future wife and a shot of him doing some underwear modeling. Shield your eyes if you need to.

Remember, these are all taken with my iPhone... let's just say the image quality is not as high as my professional gear ;)

So I walk in from getting a massage and there was a pirate in my house...

This is our good friends daughter Nevaeh. We're pretty much bringing back the arranged marriage.

And 12 tries later I finally got the shot... What, it's an iPhone ;)

Ezra was working on his "serious" face... it kinda came across as "stop taking pictures of me in my underwear" face, we're work'n on it!

I absolutely love this shot... we got the Drumsticks.

My wife getting her fun on at the California State Fair... I was on solid ground so that I wouldn't hurl on everyone :o---

My wife is a hottie!

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maritessb said...

wow your photos come out really clear compare to mines. i love that name neveah. that's one of my cousin's daughter's name. it's so creative with it being heaven backwards and still able prounounce it beautifully.

Hanssie said...

Hey, I am all for arranged marriages too. But no kissing till my daughter is 30.

Love the pirate.

Rachel Brooke said...

Aww...too cute! That kissing picture cracked me up.

THP in Action!!!

! ! ! RAVES ! ! !

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