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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

2 + 1 = 6854

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I have been working on a ton of really great stuff these past few days so I thought I would give you a little taste of what is to come. We'll start off with Catie and Centurion, who I met up with in Dallas Texas. We walked around The Dallas World Aquarium, which if you're even in Dallas you should really check out. Centurion is a huge gamer so after that we journeyed up to Speed Zone where they were premiering the new Mario Cart game for wii. After they were done racing each other we played a little putt-putt. Is was both of theirs first time ever. They both got holes in one! Way to go guys. I had a blast and I can not wait for your wedding.

Next we have Cathy and Mark's engagement shoot, well kind of.. at least. Cathy went to high school with me... a little shout out to all of you Oak Ridge Trojans, WHAT WHAT!!! Anyways, I was already booked for her date so we were both bummed out. She is a huge blogger on the Weddingbee and she gave me a great review so I thought I would hook her up with an engagement type shoot. We had a blast. We walked around Height Ashbury which is this really cool hippy town in San Francisco. If you ever need a fun place to hang out or shoot in try out Height. It was awesome. Thanks again Miss (and Mr) Penguin!

And last but not least we have a few from Josh and Natalie's wedding I shot this past weekend. It was at Hartley Bontanica which is this really nifty wedding venue up near Santa Barbara. Josh and Natalie are so great, I feel like I have known them for years. It was so awesome to see them get married. I think they are still in Hawaii... have'n some fun no doubt. You guys ROCK!

2 (engagement shoots) + 1 (wedding) = 6854 (images) ; ) Enjoy the photos...

Catie + Centurion

Cathy + Mark

Josh + Natalie

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chipgillespie said...

Killer shoots, man! LOVE the ringshot!

merci burkhalter said...

SUPERB!!! Looking for to Catie and Centurion's wedding as well!!

Auntie Merci

THP in Action!!!

! ! ! RAVES ! ! !

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