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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


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Have you ever had a crazy few weeks? Well, I am about to so I wanted to send out a little warning beforehand. Here is what the next few weeks looks like for me; starting with tonight until the beginning of April. In no way is this meant to be a little pity party for myself because I'm super excited to do all that is listed below, it's just my way of keeping you current on my adventures.

Tonight: Dinner with the fam, hang out with the kiddos, put the kiddos to bed ?! then try and watch someone get kicked off of American Idol, a little more work, then try and get some zzz's (yeah right!)
3/13 Off to Orange County in the AM then back to help a friend move, finish editing a shoot for MD News (I'll blog some shots from that, we got to go in and take some photos of a gastric bypass surgery... it was awesome), then my world stops from 9-10pm... LOST duh! Try and get some zzz's... we know how that goes with a newborn ;)
3/14 Off to Orange County again to pick up my new business cards (they are going to be killer, I'll post them as soon as I get them. Then it's straight up to Visalia with the fam, try to get some zzz's at our friends house (that's hopeful).
3/15 Off to Sacramento only to get on a flight to Las Vegas for WPPI. My wife then takes the kiddos up to her grandma's house in good ol' Redding. I meet up with some photographer friends and check into our hotel room, actually get some zzz's (in Vegas, yeah right!)
3/16 More Vegas
3/17 a bit more Vegas
3/18 how does a little more Vegas sound... ??!!!!
3/19 Vegas
3/20 All done with Vegas and now I get on a plane to Sac Town only to meet my wife, say hi to the kiddos (hopefully they still remember "da-da". Then I get in a car and drive to San Francisco for an engagement shoot that night. Stay the night at my good friend James' house (I might actually sleep that night).
3/21 Shoot a wedding all day, upload images all night, zzz's
3/22 Shoot a wedding all day, upload images all night, zzz's, zzz's, zzz's
3/23 Meeting with a couple, go to church (EASTER!!), shoot an engagement shoot, shoot another engagement shoot (yep, 2 in one day), drive back to Sacramento to see my family and get some much needed sleep! HAHAHAHA
3/24 Meeting with a couple, upload more images, process oh I'd say about 15,000-20,000 images, zzz's
3/25 Drive to a shoot in Amador County, take pictures all day and night, stay with some friends, they have a newborn and my family will be with me so absolutely no sleep happening that night.
3/26 Drive back to Sacramento, meeting with some tax people (I really hope that goes well). Going to sushi (Mikuni's "the worlds best sushi")!!!!!!! zzz's
3/27 Drive back to Visalia to stay with our friends again... did I mention that they have a newborn as well (aka no zzz's again)
3/28 Drive to Pasadena for an engagement shoot, drive home, upload images and try to process some more images.
3/29 My son Ezra's 2nd Birthday Party... we are having a BBQ at our house and playing with the new t-ball set we are getting him.
3/30 Shoot a wedding all day in Cerritos, upload images all night.
3/31-4/3 PROCESS PROCESS PROCESS the 25,000+ images I have shot over the past few weeks.
4/4 Fly to Sacramento. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ's I think I will sleep all day and night :)
4/5 Shoot a wedding all day, fly back to So. Cal. after the wedding, upload images all night.
4/6 Shoot a wedding all day in OC, upload images all night.
4/7 Potentially another wedding on this day (we'll see if that happens) and if not I think I will go into a coma.

All of that to say... if I don't get back to you in my usual time (within a day) I'm sorry, but I haven't slept in weeks and my index figure on my right hand is broken form all the times I pressed my shutter down. I'll do my best to keep up with the emails, but don't say I didn't warn you.

Here is a shot of my son when we asked him how old he was... it's his "2nd" B-Day on the 29th, he's still learning to count ;)

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Micah said...

bro, this sounds pretty intense. I always go by the saying... "the more you have to do, the more you have to pray."

Make sure you're on your knees, brother. ;o)

I've got you covered in prayer.

Jeret Slack said...

Travis, Sounds pretty crazy... I will be praying for you to..

THP in Action!!!

! ! ! RAVES ! ! !

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