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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Zion Asher Hoehne

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I am very proud to announce the birth of my second son, Zion Asher Hoehne!!! On Tuesday night (Feb 19th) my wife was having some contractions, but we tried to go to bed anyway. I fell asleep... but my wife wasn't so fortunate. At 12am she proceeded to pace around our living room until she couldn't take it anymore at 6am. She came in and woke me up and said it was time to go. I called my grandparents and they came right over to watch our other son Ezra who was still asleep. We jumped into the car and I started to drive to the hospital. We hit every red light possible, it was raining, and I was driving like a "bat out of hell", but we made it. The first thing my wife said was "I want an epidural! NOW!!!" She was already dilated to 8cm so they said she probably wouldn't be able to get one. She didn't like that! And then he walked in... every woman's hero on D-Day, the Anesthesiologist! He did a great job, but my wife was so focused on not moving that she forgot to breathe and nearly passed out. I was holding her up trying to get her to stay coherent when she said "I think I'm going to puke?!" I turned to the nurse and by the time I turned back...projectile vomit was coming straight for me. Good thing I have cat like reflexes (which come in handy as a photographer, but that's just a side note) and I was able to avoid the brunt of it.

Soon after that my wife was feeling, well... just peachy!

Zion was just hanging out in there until the 3 o'clock hour rolled around and then he made his grand entrance. That first cry is always such a welcome sound. Not so much a few nights later at 3 in the morning, but hey... I can't complain. God gave us another beautiful baby boy and we couldn't be happier... well maybe a few extra hours of sleep would be nice ;) Here is one of little baby Zion. More to follow shortly. Enjoy!

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treverhoehne said...

so stoked for you guys! congrats trav!

carsonbelmont said...


Kate said...

Oh SO adorable! Congrats!!

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