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Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Jones'

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Over Christmas we met up with my wife's side of the family "The Jones'"... yep that's right my wife went from being a "Jones" to a "Hoehne" she must really love me to take on that last name. We were up in Redding, CA and there is not much to do in Redding (no offense Grandma) so we played a lot of poker, watched movies, ate great food, watched my son be his usual self, and we took some pictures. There are some hint's within the photos about a big addition to our family that is scheduled to arrive at the end of February. We had a great time and my family has been bugging me to put up some pictures from Christmas so here you go!

We were all sitting around talking about the new addition to our family and Ezra was trying to figure out where the baby was. He was half right, it is in a stomach just not his.

The sister's

We were trying to take a nice family picture and this is what we ended up with... We're kind of a goofy bunch.

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iLa said...

Very nice and big family!
I love your pictures They catch so main meaningful details.
Thanks for posting your pictures and sharing them with us ;-)

Michael Norwood said...

Babies are in stomachs?

THP in Action!!!

! ! ! RAVES ! ! !

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