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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Get'n Out'a Dodge...Day 2

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After a LONG day (it's 4am right now and I'm still up) of fun we are still in Cali...the point of the trip was to get out of California...with Oregon about 100 miles away I'm pretty sure a new state is in our grasps for tomorrow; or should I say today ;)

We started to day off in Napa at the Opus One Winery...we ate the grapes directly off of the vine...they were amazing. After that we found a cool wheat field. And then we made a quick stop at the Silver Oak Winery (probably my favorite wine). We sat on the deck and talked as we sampled some quality wine. After that we drove and drove and drove. Taking the 101 has proved to be absolutely beautiful, but not very time efficient. The images are worth it!

Tomorrow we plan on hitting the coast of Oregon and hopefully make it to Portland. We'll see how that goes...


When I said a 'trunk full of camera gear' in my last post I wasn't kidding!

We were turning around to get back onto the highway and I stuck my camera out the window and grab this shot. You can see the car in the corner of the frame...oh well...I thought it was pretty cool anyways.

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ashley bruce said...

Dude, you are absolutely amazing and I love you! You are such an inspiration. Now I totally want to do this. A road trip is something we have been talking about forever and just haven't made the time for it yet. Anyway your photos are so awesome. I want to print some and hang them in my house. Would you let me do that or is there going to be a fee for your old sis? Okay man well keep up the good work and have fun. Your son and I had a blast! I love you!

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